Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Man, a traveler towared eternity

Walk with me some steps

"Death is the real friend, the spirit was exist and it exists today and will exist tomorrow, it is the body which dies not the soul" that was what the great man, the philosopher, the spiritualist Gandhi said.

Death is not the end but a begging again, we are inside that pregnant world a day will come we`ll be born then live forever. Today most of people are afraid of death, when all of us know that death will come then why should we mourn and fear death? Why we have to be scared of? All, know that it’s a very punctual friend, loyal to his promise and so trusted to his appointment. For a materialist death is the terminator of everything but for a spiritualist death is his rebirth to a new world, he is the one who says not to fear death because death is the savior,

Dedicated to a TEACHER of mine

You said that I have a special word in my mind to tell you, and I am asking the word is still there? Still you care?
I have searched many places and everywhere, I have been to vales and hills, to caves and holes, to
mountains and tops, to lands and fields, I have found nothing to be more deserved than the word of LOVE which was special in your mind to tell us.
A word that means respect, means faith and care, means sympathy and sincerity, tolerance and generosity, A person who is loveable means a person who is decent, who is kind and clean, who is loyal and modest, who is reliable and honest, the one who have virtue, who have integrity.