Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dedicated to a TEACHER of mine

You said that I have a special word in my mind to tell you, and I am asking the word is still there? Still you care?
I have searched many places and everywhere, I have been to vales and hills, to caves and holes, to
mountains and tops, to lands and fields, I have found nothing to be more deserved than the word of LOVE which was special in your mind to tell us.
A word that means respect, means faith and care, means sympathy and sincerity, tolerance and generosity, A person who is loveable means a person who is decent, who is kind and clean, who is loyal and modest, who is reliable and honest, the one who have virtue, who have integrity.

You know teacher, I see this life as a drawing that has no eraser, I can hold what is on me very well, I can hold my load but I can`t hold the other`s load, just do not forget I can do help.
You… Yourself said that I am pessimist, but what is my fault when people are making me pessi-mist? you know why? Because everybody sees you how you seem but very few knows who you are. How deep you know people then you have to go deeper to know them because still you don`t know them, that is my trouble, my difficulty. In this little world I don`t know why? Why people don`t know how to walk? People don`t know how to speak? When life is short we have to be aware of the shortages, of the obstacles, of the thorns even though still we are walking foot bared.
Still we are in babbling stage that is why we don't have any idea that once we go black there is no come back, there is no come back.
The word that you wanted to tell is the most important word I have ever expected to be told, A true word that can be a means of access in this life, A word that
A word that does not require two people to look at each other but require people looking together at one the same direction, that drives me to say some of Gibran's: Who would sell me one beautiful thought for a hundred pound of gold?
Who would exchange one minute of love for a handful gem? Who would give me one eye that can see beauty in exchange for all my treasures?
That is how this word works in our life if we don`t make it malfunctioned. So for you all, My mates and teachers, please never put me as higher than yourselves, just put me as your little, little brother and for love I assure you that I never let you part for you always in my heart.

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