Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Man, a traveler towared eternity

Walk with me some steps

"Death is the real friend, the spirit was exist and it exists today and will exist tomorrow, it is the body which dies not the soul" that was what the great man, the philosopher, the spiritualist Gandhi said.

Death is not the end but a begging again, we are inside that pregnant world a day will come we`ll be born then live forever. Today most of people are afraid of death, when all of us know that death will come then why should we mourn and fear death? Why we have to be scared of? All, know that it’s a very punctual friend, loyal to his promise and so trusted to his appointment. For a materialist death is the terminator of everything but for a spiritualist death is his rebirth to a new world, he is the one who says not to fear death because death is the savior,
death can take you out of miseries, saves you from pain and anguish, from fatigues and hurts, struggles and heights. Actually for us is better not to fear death, even to love it for the reason of not making any human see the ugly side of Man, of the world which causes harm. The Man, who demolishes, discriminates, kills, causes hunger, the one who cannot be found any virtues of human in. 
So when death brings goodies to human why should be afraid of? Death is a line separates the two worlds, it is just like changing one thing into another, it’s a curtain between here and the hereafter, to take this curtain away you have to taste the wine of death.
And I want you focus with me on the word of (hereafter), hereafter simply means after here, so the word itself proofs that there is an-other world, the world which is better than here because you go there through testing on what goodies you have done and you will be given your portion according to your deeds justly.
We die to live the way we live to die that’s why neither life is a justification to happiness nor death to misery (Gandhi). So why we have to fear or mourn death when it cannot be stopped, and all of us know very well that death is true
and sure of its coming, then we all have to try not to let fear of death enter our hearts, for surely death is a faithful friend trying to get you rid of this secularist and worldly life.
To be unhappy with the shortages of life is foolishness cause it is not life which changes Man but it is Man who changes, modifies and turns life, so life is in our hands and we are ruling the earth when there is injustice its because you are not just , when there is irregularity its because of you, when there is corruption its because of you and so on, we all have to be back to our selves and question that self. 
Now we know that death is not the end of the world but actually if you are doing whatever is good for yourself and not harming any other, I mean you are doing what your conscience asking for and what you have been ordered to, you will hope to die because you are purified, no crime, no sin, then you are ready for investigation. Those people who are cleansed in both soul and body are those people who are willing to die and they don’t even fear it, even when somebody dies they do not mourn or cry because they know that he has reached what he was for. 

Dr. Abdulkarim soroush  says “death is folding the page of life”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  for the people of theosophy and Gnosticism, that is the believe of which knowledge of God is obtained through meditation and the people of having mystical knowledge, they think that death is a bridge be-tween them and God, that is why they are praying and begging to die so that they can reach God. For them life is a means of departure, sorrow and anguish for that they want get rid of it (die) and to be close to their beloved. For those people death is just a means of survive and they see it as folding the page of life from one side to the other. Therefore these people are favored to God that is why they are asking and longing for death, as in holy Quran God says ((If you claim that you are favored of Allah apart from (all) mankind, then long for death if you are truthful) (62 – 6).

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