Monday, June 25, 2012

Falling Apart With A book Will Deepen Our Loneliness

An interview with Rebwar Siwayli the head of Philosophy Department of Salahaddin University.

Preparation: Sangar Hassan
             Safeen Bakhtyar 
Translation: Pashew Majeed

Genius: In every meeting we have seen you have asked, who are you? But we are asking whom you want to be?

Rebwar Siwayli: As Grecian philosopher Thales said, it’s not easy to be the one that you want because our neighboring situations, spiritual and psychological movements are obstacles in front of us to be the one we want to be, for instance I want to be my Self, my own Self, to be a creature embodying my own subjectivity. I know that I have an ego and a psychology, and living in a world which

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In a state of devastation
When you can`t get any vision

When you can`t go or run away
You can`t hide or be away
When there is no land any bound
No light ever day in day out
No point to strive, no goal to achieve
No see No sight No sob No sound
In a world of sorrow and grief
When all gladness has been spoiled
No mercy, No sympathy
The Rosen lands are destroyed
In this world of (No means of salvation)
Surely, there is No HEART to be given

Pashew Majeed

Sunday, June 10, 2012

له‌ سێداره‌یان دام

ئیلاهی! خودا و خودانی من
ته‌نیام و له‌نێوه‌ندی ئاگرام
شەهیدانی شيرناخ
شەهیدانی شيرناخ
نوزه‌ی مه‌زڵومیم به‌ تۆ نه‌بێ به‌ كه‌س ناگات
هه‌رتۆی گوێ بیست و هانا و هاوارمان

خودای من!
ده‌ من چ بكه‌م؟
ده‌مێكه‌ ئه‌ندامانی له‌شم ده‌مخۆن
جه‌سته‌م خه‌ریكه‌ له‌ سته‌م نوقم ئه‌بێ
دۆستم لێ بونه‌ گورگه‌مێش و
جیرانیشم هه‌ر ڕۆژه‌ و پارچه‌یه‌كم لێ ده‌بڕێ

Thursday, June 07, 2012

په‌یامی مـــــــن

ئه‌م په‌یامه‌ بۆ ئێستاته‌
ڕێك بۆ ئه‌م ساته‌ی ژیانته‌
بۆ ڕووخانی شاخی توڕه‌بوون ڕقته‌
بۆ هه‌ره‌سی چیای كیــن و ناله‌باری ده‌روونته‌

ئه‌م په‌یامه‌
بۆ شكستی جه‌رده‌كانی ناخی تۆیه‌
بۆ سه‌رگومی شه‌یتانی نێو ڕۆحی تۆیه‌
به‌ كۆڵێ عه‌شق و خۆشه‌ویستیه‌وه‌
به‌ره‌و پیل و بۆ یارمه‌تیدانی تۆ به‌ڕێوه‌یه‌