Monday, June 25, 2012

Falling Apart With A book Will Deepen Our Loneliness

An interview with Rebwar Siwayli the head of Philosophy Department of Salahaddin University.

Preparation: Sangar Hassan
             Safeen Bakhtyar 
Translation: Pashew Majeed

Genius: In every meeting we have seen you have asked, who are you? But we are asking whom you want to be?

Rebwar Siwayli: As Grecian philosopher Thales said, it’s not easy to be the one that you want because our neighboring situations, spiritual and psychological movements are obstacles in front of us to be the one we want to be, for instance I want to be my Self, my own Self, to be a creature embodying my own subjectivity. I know that I have an ego and a psychology, and living in a world which
always threatening subjectivity and being our own Self, which doesn’t let the and that state of struggle of our insight) or the aggression of outer world in (injustices, not having a true freedom and human violence) that Self which I want is shattering, drifting apart and every day is suffering. Within this I am helpless to withdraw and ceaselessly have to be in challenge with the threatening outer world, not to be out of my Self and be better than what I am now.

Genius: Can you recognize your reader? That doesn’t mean whom you are writing for?

Rebwar Siwayli: I am writing for that kind of reader who has love for world, for life, and ceaselessly makes his collapses the starting point of carrying on and perseverance. Look at that drop of water which falls down on a leaf, how it turns into life in a root of a single grass.

Genius: we saw you crying, but didn’t know what was for? For book? Writing? Knowledge? Or what?

Rebwar Siwayli: the crying you mention was the moment of feeling lonely and hating that side of home and culture which accepts the case of burning a library as an ordinary case, while it’s a black spot on the face of an era, which has left no respect for words and love.

Genius: After you wrote the book of (writing and responsibility), writing from your side has not change its direction?

Rebwar Siwayli: vice versa, from that time I am trying to embody that relation which is a lack to have between writer, language and situations around. After writing this book if I had accepted an treachery was for not going in any shelter and use violence to self-defense, and if I had written anything was to embody these ethical principles, which are necessary for a responsible writer to take care of language, world and the others. 

Genius: when adorer turns into glass in the book of (the world of small thing), you say the tragedy of an adorer is always more terrifying than the tragedy of either philosopher or poet, How? And in your view who and what are an adorer and adoring?

Rebwar Siwayli: philosopher and poet are of the great adorers, the first one adoring truth and the second adoring imagination, but philosopher and poet are having a kind of selfishness which can`t be found in an adorer. Their selfishness is that neither the philosopher nor the poet has the readiness to sacrifice for truth or imagination but the true adorer is ready to give great sacrifices for the sake of his beloved and is ready to forget himself until death.

Genius: Book and Friend, these two concepts how they are close to each other? And Friend as Man and book, how they are in contact with each other?

Rebwar Siwayli: book is a friend, the time of our togetherness will be passed silently, but friendship of Man breaks that silence and there are always talks between the two. We can change the friendship of a book with another, but the friendship of Man can’t be changed with another one. Falling apart with a book will deepen our loneliness but won't injure while falling apart with friends takes us one step forward toward death. 

Genius: how do you see the current state of students? How is your relation with them that you are a college teacher?

Rebwar Siwayli: worse than before, although the living state of students and college is better than, both sagaciously are weaker than before. About my relation with the students, I like to know and understand them but they do not attract my attentions in a very good way according to their knowledge.

Genius: How do you see the knowledge level of both teachers and students?

Rebwar Siwayli: we have got good examples in both generally knowledge level is decreasing, and this has reflection on the personality of both and violence has replaced a cognitive and friendly relation.

Genius: The last question. We have heard you have things new can you mention them?

Rebwar Siwayli: (God! Why you didn’t make me a peach seller?) Is a collection poem of mine, and the book of (gratitudes), the second volume of (Man as generous)? The third edition of (from relation into Love) which is going to reprinted in Sulaimany, and the book of (opposition and authority) is about to be printed, then there are my three philosophical studies translated into Arabic language, ready for publication, and I am working on making a photographic album which will talk about that forgivable relation of Kurdish people and its neighboring nature. And the philosophical books project will carry on.

Note: this interview was published in Genius Newsletter for the first time in December 2010, which published by some students of English department/ college of education.

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