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Philosophies of Education in My Eyes

Reality looks different for anyone. Every single individual sees reality
Philosophy of education

in a way s/he thinks this the thing called what is right. But when it comes to talk about education and school, no way there should be many methods to evaluate the reality one holds if it is to be put into the heads of the kids. I think we can’t decide on the future of a kid based on a theory, a philosophy or an idea, as long as life
continues we should be in constant attempt to provide best education for their future, an education that correlates both lives, an education from the cradle to the grave, and education from here to the hereafter.
Humanity has suffered from the world of worldly ideas, the casualties of the both World Wars can’t be counted, the money was put there is unimaginable, I wonder if all the attempts, human capacities, finance , everything spent  for that cause, was put for education, what our world would be now? How would it be? But what can you do with ignorance, it all has been put for the sake of ignorance instead of knowledge. The tide put us on a cliff when it could take us up high to the tops.
Man can’t stop thinking, the changes happening to the ideas, philosophies getting expired attests this. And at the same time Man is need of ideas capable of keeping a balance between the two lives, because Man’s happiness in life depends on the afterlife. So, in light of what said before, I think it would not be a proper education to solely depend on a sole idea and practicing it through some specific time during a class, even though I think it is almost impossible.
For example to teach only according to what Realism relies on would not be enough, because the answer of every question cannot be found in Realism, and the goes the same for every philosophies and theories. But rather collectively all the philosophies (not only what is western) would give a better understanding of what education looks like or should be. Now this may more or less look like Postmodernism, but yet there are things Postmodernism refers to which is not in accordance again.
So, I do believe as long as we are born helpless and needy, we need an education taking us up to perfection. All those ideas existing now can be taken as limited truth, and can be a part of the bigger truth. We need the ultimate truth, the pure path, as the Turkish scholar Gulen states “We are born helpless as well as ignorant of the laws of life and must cry out to get the help we need. After a year or so, we can stand on our feet and walk a little. When we are about fifteen, we are expected to have understood the difference between good and evil, the beneficial and the harmful. However, it will take us our whole lives to acquire intellectual and spiritual perfection” (Gulen, 1997). And because of that reason we need to find the pure path and instruct the young minds with what is best so that they can get to the level of perfection on the correct path.

Reference :

Gulen, M. (1997, December ). Education from Cradle to Grave. The Fountain , (20)

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