Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Mindful Teacher : A review

Pashew M. Nuri
The Mindful Teacher is another alert to what a heart dwelling profession teaching is. It is a reminder of what a highly important job and a heavy responsibility, a burdensome, on the shoulders of teachers especially and educators generally.

The book suggests a new method to overcome the obstacles a teacher faces on daily bases while teaching in the classroom, dealing with other colleagues and things related to administration in the school. It is stating that if you are Mindful, it is highly possible for you to be more successful in your career. Being a Mindful Teacher basically means to overcome Alienated Teaching.
Mindful teaching “is a form of teaching that is informed by contemplative practices and teacher inquiry” (Macdonald and Shirley, 2009. P_4) and this results in “enable[ing] teachers to interrupt their harried life style, come to themselves through participation in collegial community of inquiry and practice, and attend to aspects of their classroom instruction and pupil’s learning” (Macdonald and Shirley, p_4). While alienated teaching is when “teachers perform when they feel like they must comply with external conditions that they have not chosen and from which they inwardly dissent with” (Macdonald and Shirley, p_4).
Being able to succeed in dealing with those compliances like in alienated teaching, for them the best way is be a mindful teacher. Being a mindful teacher requires going through “the eightfold strategies” (Macdonald and Shirley, p_31), “the seven synergies” (Macdonald and Shirley, p_60) and “the triple tensions” (Macdonald and Shirley, p_68).
Lastly the teachers suggest that even though you are a Mindful Teacher, even with those strategies and tensions, yet the schools continue having paralyzing troubles, schools will “struggle abuse and abusive administrators, and children whose parent are depressed, […] school funding will go up and down […], even in well-funded schools with talented educators and strong community support, the very frailty and unpredictability of human condition will lead to pupils who drop out […]” for those reasons we a mindful teacher is not enough but rather we need a mindful teacher leader.


Macdonald, E. Shirley D. (2009). The Mindful Teacher. New York. Teachers College Press.

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