Saturday, March 15, 2014

To Be Happy, Is To Be Educated

A reading response to Happiness and Education by Nell Noddings
By: Pashew Majeed

Twitter: @pashewmajeed

To Zhila Xan, with the hope of an education filled with happiness and felicity

A moment ago* after a long time waiting, my friend Sangar texted me saying that her daughter Zhila is just born. For a moment I couldn’t believe what was going under my eyes reading those few words in the text, I was so happy and that undefinable feeling was too strong for tears couldn’t bear it and gave themselves up to drop. For a moment I was still under the impression and then I called the brand-new father to know what was happening there. This was surprisingly interesting as I had just finished reading Happiness and education by Nell Noddings wondering what is it there making me feel so badly happy for another one’s happiness? Despite there being several reasons as a personal explanation to it but I instantly recalled the quote Noddings made in her book saying that “our own happiness cannot be complete if people around us are unhappy” (2003, p.222).